The Serene Trees of Bodhi – Part 2

Bodhi means ‘enlightenment’, I read on Wikipedia. That was exactly what I felt when launching my very first Linux distribution – Bodhi Linux 2.4.0.

I started with a complete format of my hard drive. I really wanted to cut the ties with my previous Windows-related life! When I launched the Bodhi Linux Live CD, I was immediately welcomed by an optimistic green leaf in the center. Actually, all of the Bodhi panels/menues were rich in natural accents. The installation concluded flawlessly and I could select my desired desktop layout. I decided to opt for a simple taskbar + system tray on top and a quick menu for software at the bottom.

I started off with an exploration of the desktop. Everything was different, alien…


Fortunately, I quickly learned what I had on-board. There was the Midori web browser, already familiar to me from my past attempts to make Windows at least slightly lightweight. However, in Windows Midori had the tendency to crash almost on every website with scripts. Here however, it worked superbly! Praise Linux!

Next up was the Enlightenment Window Manager. With it I was finally able to browse the contents of my hard drive. Luckily, it did not differ much from Windows Explorer.

The rest of the features were rather commonplace – an audio adapter, a network manager, etc.

Bodhi Linux taught me the value of simplicity. It let me rediscover the good old times when operating systems hosted only a handful of software and could run no more than 2-3 programs at a time due to RAM limitations. I no longer needed the heavy suites offered for Windows. Writing was simple, watching videos was simple. Life was simple…

However, Bodhi Linux was much more. I chose the 32 bit (x86) edition, but thanks to PAE (Physical Address Extension) I could still use all the RAM I had (4GB in total). Nothing more to expect…


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