Do We Still Yearn For Windows?

baby shouting at a laptop

That is a question I ask myself when tired and frustrated with Linux. I know I have decided to venture into the Lands of Linux out of my own volition and will most likely (leaving 0.01% for doubt here!) never turn back, but the lingering feeling remains…

Most of us ‘Linux dwellers’ were Windows users once and we have been raised with Microsoft’s product. We have fled with discontent, but home sickness will surely strike us when times are dire. Some of us detest ‘Micro$oft’ or hate it with passion, though there are things we honestly miss about ‘Windoze’. Just to name a few:

– Simple, yet colorful themes with the ability to change the colors of almost anything

– Gaming classics like Monkey Island, Arcanum or The Settlers

– ‘Blue screen of death’ (bsod)

– Clear and intuitive GUIs

I am aware that in my case it might just be nostalgia after ‘good old Win98/XP times long gone’. Linux already covers all of those features with ease. However, there is often mimicry after Windows, for instance, in software design or desktop themes. There still seems to be a niche after Windows XP’s official departure. This niche however will not remain for much longer!

Some time ago a small team of Russian programmers decided to start a project named ReactOS, whose goal would be to create a free operating system fully compatible with the older NT 5 architecture (Windows 2000/XP). So far the project is clearly in its alpha stage (version 0.3.17 was recently mentioned on, but the developers claim it is already quite functional. I myself am very much looking forward to its progress and I sincerely hope it succeeds. It would be nice to see a combination of the best of Windows and Linux worlds coming together…


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