Linux – the definition of choice!

Recent events documented in the Interwebs, the Lands of Linux, and a certain article led me to reflections concerning the very nature of Linux.

Some months ago it was confirmed – systemd will become the primary init system in Debian. This has been a matter of general dispute in the Linux Land due to a number of controversies surrounding the development of systemd and its authors. The supporters of systemd claimed it is a decisive step in the right direction – improvement of system management efficiency. Many people disaggreed, though, and with good reasons. The way systemd’s architecture is centralized creates a single point of entry for hostile entities (viruses, keyloggers, hackers, etc.), thus questioning the intrinsic security of Linux. In addition, some have seen systemd as a feature typical for Windows, not Linux. To me, that is a bit extravagant to say!

On a different front – Facebook introduces new policies. According to the changes in the Terms of Use agreement, now “third parties” will have full access to information regarding us, our computers, cell phones, etc. Unfortunately, as with certain clauses in the current agreement, the term “third parties” isn’t precisely defined and could mean exactly what a “third party” is – a person/institution/organization/etc. who is not a side in the agreement. While not a fan of conspiracy theories myself, the Paranoid Pete in me boiled…

After those unsettling news I felt slightly depressed. Then I read an article by a very knowledgeable Debian expert and my mood improved. In my journey through Linux Land I completely forgot about the essence of Linux – choice!

I am in no way forced to condone to systemd! I can simply choose a distribution which utilizes a different init system, for instance Gentoo, CRUX, Salix or many others. In fact, I am currently considering running a non-systemd distribution at least as my secondary OS (about that later).

Facebook is also not a ‘must’ to me. There is a plethora of other social networks with tons of participants waiting to be befriended. The key is choice. Corporations seemingly create monopolies, but those are only monopolies of popularity. One does not have to follow corporations as long as alternatives are available.

Fortunately, in the age of globalization alternatives will never become a limiting factor!


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