Tux Teaches Technology

It has been over 2 months since I embarked on my perilous journey to the Lands of Linux. Many things have changed, mostly my approach to technology. I feel that through my numerous struggles I have learned a great deal and gained a completely new perspective. Now, everything seems so organized and comprehensive. To me a cell phone is no longer just a cell phone. It is an assembly of various pieces of hardware with an operating system orchestrating everything. It has a clear purpose, too – communication. This new awareness made me realize that all of this is thanks to Linux…


Currently, I feel that Linux is less of a Unix-like operating system and more of a philosophy. Its use requires understanding of specific concepts and principles governing them. Initially, I struggled as everything was new and foreign. Then, I began to understand and learn. I went through countless Linux distributions, reading on useful programming languages, kernel architecture, drivers, modules, etc. All of that not only enriched my day-to-day experience as a user, helping me troubleshoot basic problems, but also let me better understand Windows itself. As an operating system, Linux requires one to embrace the inner curiosity of Homo sapiens. Naturally, Ubuntu and the like are generally considered user-friendly, but still bring about the need for a certain level of computing prowess. The Internet and the command-line are your friends. There is no reason to be afraid of them. Quite the contrary, both are very powerful aides. Sometimes I find myself looking for the terminal on my Windows working computer, because it is that much more convenient!

Now that I have gained sufficient proficiency in using Linux, I will delve further into its architecture and try to understand the kernel better. For a curious mind sky is the limit!


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