On the Crossroads, Past the Arch

To begin with, I have been a vivid Arch Linux user for quite some time. I greatly enjoyed the flexibility this specific distribution offers, even when using derivatives, such as ArchBang. Pacman also happens to be my favorite package manager by far. Not to mention that Arch Linux, despite being labeled as ‘bleeding edge’, never failed me. However, as in every long-term relationship, small things kept piling up and one of them finally became ‘the last straw’. In my case it was the constant need for manual configuration and issues with less popular AUR packages. For example, I really wanted to use Window Maker, but many of the Dock-App packages were outdated or simply broken, because the original maintainers dropped them. Another case concerned the Flash plugin for Chromium. It relied on a .rpm package from Google’s repository, which at one point got removed. Some time passed before the AUR package maintainer noticed the problem and provided a working link in his/her PKGBUILD.

I have no grudge against Arch Linux. Quite the contrary – I love it! For a distribution that small, it is more than incredible how popular and versatile it became. In addition, it taught me a great deal about Linux and its kernel. However, I decided to resume my journey through Linux Land and move forward. ‘Where to?’, one may ask. Debian, perhaps? Maybe Gentoo?

I still have much to learn…


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