Fedora – There and Back Again!


I have spent the last 2 months with FreeBSD and the true Unix ecosystem. However, bit by bit I felt that its system management practices are simply too archaic for me. I also realized that using heavy components (Eclipse, desktop environments, etc.) can bloat even something as lightweight as FreeBSD. Not to mention the weekend world and kernel re-building sessions (I know, I should have run -RELEASE). Those 2 months made me realize where FreeBSD really shines – on servers and serious workstations (where X11 is somewhat redundant). Sadly, it does not seem I am serious enough for FreeBSD yet. Therefore, I made a 180-degree turn and I am back using Fedora Linux. However, definitely a different human altogether.

I am finally learning to appreciate the improvements and utilities the Fedora community is working on and promoting. Of course my stance on systemd, GNOME3 and the likes is still unwavering, however since I do not use them myself, I have no feelings for them anymore. FreeBSD taught me this different, more focused approach to computing. Hating brings about only negative emotions and nothing more. It is utterly unproductive. Frankly, I DO like some features present in GNOME3, like the gnome-sushi package which allows the user to briefly visit file content without physically opening the file (be it an image, video, document, etc.). MacOS X has a similar feature and it is extremely useful! I am actually planning on testing Fedora on my laptop as well!

There are some things Fedora HAS and other Linux distributions just have:

  • clear NO stance on the use of proprietary software (save for nVidia’s drivers, which cannot be avoided, I am strongly for)
  • lively community with tons of events (I was considering going to the next FOSDEM if time allows)
  • focus on using GNU/Linux in life and work (very much for!)

The goals and policies are noble and honest. I finally understood I cannot blame Fedora for Red Hat’s approach to the Linux ecosystem. Recent outcries in the Fedora community made me realize that. It is quite obvious not one GNU/Linux distribution wants to act as testing grounds for corporate development. Therefore, I will do my best to enjoy GNU/Linux and improve my attitude!


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