FreeBSD – the Place I Belong…

Setting up Gentoo Linux, I was constantly comparing it to the BSDs, specifically FreeBSD. The software feature control via USE flags, the ports tree, etc. I sincerely wanted to capture the Unix spirit in GNU/Linux. It’s definitely there, shining through many a distribution, like Gentoo Linux, CRUX, Arch Linux, Manjaro Linux, Devuan, Debian, etc. However, it’s true someplace else – the BSD world. Strep right up for your bucket of the primordial Unix soup! If not today, then tomorrow. The BSD side of open-source will not perish as it has that critical niche in the world – firewalls, servers, mainframes, workstations, etc. Think Netflix? Think powered by FreeBSD. Companies like the tried and tested, because that turns profit. Also, it’s free (as in freedom) and companies don’t need to interfere. Money is good, though, as long as it drives open-source progress. Without corporate strings attached, of course.

Then, I found this gem. The feels were strong and I just had to go back to FreeBSD. That’s where my heart belongs, it seems. Again, it makes me squeeze out some teardrops (could be the onions, though). Today, my dream can come true once more thanks to Bill Joy, Jordan Hubbard, Ken Thompson, Dennis Ritchie, Brian Kernighan and many others who contributed to Unix and Unix-like operating systems. Great ‘Thank you!’ on my behalf!

Over and out!


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